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With more than 50 years of service, we are proud of our heritage and continuing commitment to the St. Louis area. We have been instrumental in the development of the region. Examples include working on the issuance of the bonds that funded the trams for the Gateway Arch and handling the consolidation of bus lines into what is now known as Metro Transit. In addition, our lawyers have served by appointment on governmental boards, by selection on private corporate and charitable boards, and by both election and appointment to various public offices.

Our professional experience includes representing banks, insurance companies, health care professionals, non-profit corporations, manufacturers, retail and wholesale clothing and shoe firms, professional sports franchises, and professional athletes. The lawyers at The Law Office of Gerhard J. Petzall, L.L.C. have played a substantial role in the prosperity, quality of life, and success of the St. Louis area. We continue that tradition by offering not only decades of experience but important connections around St. Louis and the entire country that we can leverage to help our clients prosper.

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