St. Louis Commercial Law Attorneys

The Law Office of Gerhard J. Petzall, L.L.C.’s clients include businesses and individuals facing complex litigation, needing representation to handle commercial transactions, or suffering from personal injuries The commercial law attorneys of the Law Office of Gerhard J. Petzall, L.L.C., have years of experience in these areas.

Lawyers Serving St. Louis, the State and Nationwide

The Law Office of Gerhard J. Petzall, L.L.C. is recognized across the state and the country for providing the legal expertise to:

  • Protect our clients’ rights in litigation of all kinds: business and commercial litigation; insurance litigation; taxation, real estate or probate litigation
  • Negotiate, review, and draft our clients’ contracts
  • Advance our clients’ goals with detailed estate planning and estate or trust administration
  • Work for the full financial compensation our clients deserve in personal injury cases
  • Advocate for our clients when they face white collar criminal charges such as extortion, embezzlement, money laundering and business fraud in state or federal court
  • Safeguard our clients’ interests in employment law cases such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and Family Medical Leave Act issues.